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For those buying trailers you can typicaly spec a specific deck height and dove tail length.

On the open car haulers you would want something with a 4' dovetail and 5-6' ramps. Then adjust deck height with the start angle of the torsion axle. Typical start angle with a torsion axle option would 10 degrees up. I like to start them at zero or 10 degrees down for the low profile cars like ours which would bring the deck up higher than normal in comparison to the top of the fender. No removable fenders required this way. Sure you end up with the car higher in the air when traveling but were only talki g 4 inches roughly.

Same goes for the enclosed trailers. Most enclosed trailers come standard with a 4" drop axle. Many cars even with an escape door can't clear the inner fender to open the door. When running spring axles spec a straight tube no drop. This lowers the fender 4" combine this with an escape door and even the lowest car door typicaly opens over the fender and out the door. This can again also be done with changing the start angle of a torsion axle.

Enclosed trailers typical have other higher cost options like the drive over ramps shown above by thr zl1 #1. Factory option like shown gets pricy but they can also be home built and perform very well.

If you trailer dealer or manufacture isn't interested in playing with these options keep shopping. Lol
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