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Originally Posted by attymf View Post
The issues we have been seeing or very common for a new design car for the first year no matter who built it.

As to the Tremec T56 tranny. I am very surprised this is the issue. I beleive that tranny has been around for some time and used in many other vehicles.

I've been waiting for 5 months. My car is built and not being delivered. Believe me I am going nuts over here but everything that is taking place is routine in my opinion.

Also, I hate the UAW but isn't the tranny Mexican. So, the UAW has nothing to do with the tranny.

We are just a bunch of little kids who cant wait for Christmas.
The launch control is generating an extreme amount of energy then it's unleashed on the poor tranny lol. So KITT's fault.

The component is simply gonna have to be hardend and probably in future years might even need to make a design change or two.
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