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Well I installed LED Glows 4 Piece Million Color Pro SMD LED Kit and there 6 Piece Million Color Underhood Kit. I started with the interior kit it comes with the control box, remote control, 4 12" SMD LED pieces, and related wiring. The kit is real easy to wire. I put two pieces under the front footwells and put the other two under the front seats facing the rear footwells. The control box just has a red (+) wire and negative (-) wire so that's simple and has two outputs that support up to 4 12" pieces each. The pieces from the control box use USB style wiring and daisy chain together and the kit comes with more than enough wire for the car. The control box is small I hid it under the center console near the driver seat and use the remote to control the system, it uses a basic 4 button system. It can be bit confusing at first to control but you get it after playing with it a few minutes. Over all I like the system it has plenty of color control features and is simple to install and puts out plenty of light for the interior.

Now the underhood kit is basically the same. A control box with remote except the remote is the only way to control the system and one Pos. (+) wire and one Neg. (-) wire and a small ant. wire. The LED pieces are 6" long and water resistant but the control box is not I used some silicone and sealed any where I thought water could get in. The LED pieces have there own wires at standard length. The wires could be longer I was barely able to get the piece to connect to the box from near the air cleaner to underhood fuse box where I mounted the control box. I was able to mount two pieces on the fire wall each on one side of the motor facing the exhaust manifolds, one above the radiator facing the engine, one in the CAI box and the other two I mounted to be grill lights. This system is much more basic than the interior kit. The only control functions are to cut the system on and off. One button to go through the colors and preset light changing/flashing settings sequentially and two other button to change the speed of color change and flash modes. I think to fully light the engine bay all six would be needed, but the way I have it set up works pretty well. Over all I wish the system had better color control features and more wire to mount the LED pieces but for the money not a bad system.

I am happy with both systems, the underhood kit could use some work but not bad. I had read reviews that the remotes range suck but I could stand 10' away with the doors shut windows up and the hood shut and operate both systems just fine so the remote seem to work well. As soon as I can figure out how to post videos I will.
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