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I think this is a brilliant strategy by GM to weed out the wimps! Want to eliminate whining, "problem" type customers? Just issue a statement of some kind about anything and see who bails out....those are the people you now won't have to sit on the phone with for hours listening to their whining and moaning about every STUPID LITTLE THING they can find to claim the sky is falling.

"Stress" over ordering, waiting for your order?? Give me a break; my GOD we have a lot of total pansies nowadays. Stress is sitting in a waiting room for hours hoping and praying someone you love makes it out of surgery alive and okay. Stress is laying on the table being prepared for that surgery. Stress is being in combat. Stress is wondering moment to moment if you're going to survive in a life-threatening situation.

Having to "wait" a few more days for your high performance luxury car? I'd be absolutely freaking ashamed to claim that was "stress".

Sorry, this thread has been quite a stunner to wake up to this morning... mostly because of some of the comments and the outbreak of chicken little-itis.

EVERY mass manufactured item has various issues along the way, especially one that's brand new and never been produced before. It happens... handle it. It isn't an "issue" until it can't be fixed or the manufacturer refuses to fix it; this isn't an issue. They're on it, they'll fix it. My car is supposed to go TWP on the 27th; do I want to see a delay? No of course not. Am I going to flop around on the floor, scream and whine if there is a delay? No of course not; I'll WAIT like an ADULT until they get this sorted out.


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