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Originally Posted by Moose View Post

Very quickly, having just reviewed this thread quickly, I feel it allows me to see the issue pretty clearly, without getting into debating/responding to alot of the posts here.

*GM/Chevrolet should be commended for addressing the issue immediately, and NOT choosing to ingore it, therefore allowing them to identify and correct this issue asap.*

*Bashing GM/Chevrolet serves NO purpose. EVERY manufacturer has issue's. It's how they're handled which makes the difference. IMO, GM/Chevrolet is going above and beyond to rectify the problem.*

While I understand and appreciate everyone's opinions/thoughts/passion when it comes to Camaro, let's be open minded and look at the BIG picture - GM/Chevrolet has given "us" an awesome car. Let's appreciate that while realizing we're all human.

GM/Chevrolet has shown "us" the respect by bringing this "to light". Let's show the same respect by understanding.

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