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Basic (performance) mods for ZL1?

A couple weeks ago I traded in my 2010 Supercharged V6 Camaro for a 2013 ZL1. I'm the kind of person that does not like to have something 100% stock. However having a factory warranty on a 580 hp vehicle sure is nice.

I know you have to pay to play, believe I was down that road with my old car, having modified just about every possible thing I could do. Unfortunately for me I had a ton of issues, which is one of the reasons I traded in. Just ordered an Elite catch can from Apex Chase, but other than that I'm bone stock.

Eventually I plan on going with LMR's street stalker stage 2 upgrade (pulley, headers, tune, injectors, etc) but for now I want to figure out something easy and basic I can do. The suspension is already amazing, I love the wheels I have, so I'm pretty much at a wall as to what I want to do. The Roto-Fab intake seems like a nice upgrade, seeing how it doesn't require a tune and wakes up the engine/super charger whine.

I'm open to any suggestions.
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