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Originally Posted by NVmyZL1 View Post
If I were you, I'd spend my money taking a HPDE instruction course before making mods. Unless you have previous experience with a high horsepower car, going from a v6 to a zl1 is likely a recipe for disaster even with all the nannies.
Good point and typically I would agree. However the V6 I had was around 360 rwhp with far less sophisticated suspension than the Z. I've also driven a track prep GT3RS and Ferrari F430, granted the Ferrari I haven't really "raced" just driven hard.

So the Z is the highest hp vehicle I've driven but not the only performance oriented vehicle.

I'm not looking for a huge power adder right now, just something that will set it apart from a completely stock ZL1.

Currently I'm thinking a Roto-fab CAI with the intake box paint matched and carbon fiber tube. Should look good.

I'd don't like spending money on mods that don't some sort of performance value (hp, braking, weight reduction, etc). So a decent looking CAI seems like a happy medium for the first mod.
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