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Originally Posted by USMC Anti Venom View Post
And the seats are Retro-Fit. On a side note how are things in bama? I'm from Huntsville.
My initial answer should be hot, but actually this is the coolest July I can remember in a very long time.

My mom grew up in Huntsville, not sure I have any family to speak of up there, used to have a lot, the Plexicos and the Perrys

The rumors about retro fitting the Recaros is that they would be hard to get at first because all of the available ones would go to the Z/28's, but then if they are talking about letting you order a '14 ZL1 with them I don't know.

I'm going to say truth is you probably cannot make a bad decision here, I mean the differences are going to be so subtle especially if you would put the Recaros in either way.
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