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Originally Posted by jessrayo View Post
Wow, I cannot believe I'm even reading threads like this. This is like saying the front air ducts to the brakes do nothing to stopping distance. They do nothing until you push the car to its limits and if you do that the brake duct will raise the limitations of the braking system by increasing cooling. If you take the car to the racetrack (and I mean a road course not a drag strip) and see how fast you can possibly run the car through a corner I can guarantee you that the car will perform better with that strut tower brace increasing chassis rigidity. If you mount road race tires that increase the g-loads on the suspension way beyond stock, the brace will make a huge difference. GM knows this, that is why they put it on the car and frankly that is part of the reason why the ZL1 Camaro can run with the much lighter Boss Mustang. The underlined section in that fancy write-up says "no aftermarket brace" , this is not an aftermarket brace. It was built by GM because they were trying to improve the cornering in a specialty high performance car. If all you ever do is drive the car straight ahead or you never get close to the limitations of the tires in a corner then take the thing off. It is doing nothing for you. But just because you are not using the limitations of the car does not mean the performance parts are unnecessary.

I agree that one has to "push their car" especially "on a road course" to understand the limits of it. Most of never will attain that level. The increase in roll stiffness comes from lower and stiffer springs and sway bars. I ran my 1996 Saleen Mustang Cobra with Griggs suspension with and without the cross brace bar and I'll leave it at that. That car was run on the track and in the Angeles National Forest here in So Cal. The Gen5 cars of today are much stiffer constructed vehicles than the older cars. It doesn't matter if it's an aftermarket or factory cross brace. They both are designed the same and fit in the factory mounts. It appears as if you're trying to use the "wording" to benefit your theory. Just to clarify you are stating for a fact that "Pete" from Pedders who deals with this stuff daily and has lap times to prove it is lying? I'm sure he'll love to hear that?
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