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Who's running Silver State????

Mods please dont move,i want as much exposure as possible.I know there have been a thread or 2 on this,but The Silver State open road race is just around the corner.There have been a few of you that said you are going,but i want to know who is all going and confirmed.Those that haven't seen the start from May, here it is.This start is right up to 140 mph
The reason im wanting to know this is because we need time to coordinate us getting together for the parade,car show,and run to the staging area.Also on Sun. AM we get a police escort at 80-90mph to the staging area.I would like to talk to the event people, as well as the Ely sheriff, to see if we have a bunch of camaros if we can be the lead,as well as a 100mph escort to the staging lanes,i think the video would be pretty cool here on C5
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