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Originally Posted by SSinisterLS3 View Post
Very true!

I didn't expect Ferrari quality. What did me in on the paint was the spoiler. Don't ever.....try to replace will make you cry. I just said, "Never mind, put it back on! PUT IT BACK ON!" Like it was a band aid covering a wound. It does hurt to see a car selling for 40,000 dollars and peeling after two years of sale. ridiculous. I don't see Sonics peeling. I don't see Genesis' peeling. I don't see Civics peeling! In the end you're right, it's all about what YOU want in a car. I wanted that stuff gone.
I'm probably missing something, but if the paint is peeling "after two years of sale," why not bring it back to the dealer for repainting?

Yes I miss the quality of my 1995 Mercedes C220, and hope to have one of those again soon. Also hope to keep my '11 Camaro vert as well.
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