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Actually, the Pontiac dealer cannot work on the car. The Camaro, and the new Equinox require a tool that Pontiac dealers do not have and will not be buying seeing as they are closing down. It is a computer system that is going to replace the tech 2 machine that they currently use. It costs a dealer over $1,000 per machine. Needless to say, Pontiac dealers aren't going to dish out $1,000 for a machine that they don't need to work on their cars. Chevrolet stores on the other hand will already have this machine and therefore can perform service on your Camaro.

Before you guys start bashing, either do some research or don't post. This site is meant to be informative and helpful and most of posts above mine are nothing but mindless banter.

the ponyiac dealer can work on it, but just wont
^Not even close to right

Pontiac can do normal customer pay service on the Camaro. Warrenty work is another issue though, for that it needs to go to a Chevrolet dealer. I used to work at a Pontiac dealer and we could only write warrenty work orders on Pontiacs even though any GM dealer can order and install parts for all GM cars. This is one area where Ford has it right.
^ I currently work for a Chevy store and we can perform warranty work on ALL GM products.

BS ask him who will work on a pontiac in a year once he is gone GM covers GM and the issue here is some extra hoops for him. Sounds bitter with the axe to pontiac. I know they will "Highly" recommend a chevy dealer to work on such a new car but seriously who is really an expert camaro 5th gen serviceman at this point!
^No, not BS...they are unable to connect to the cars computer system. As far as being an expert, most dealerships have seen/touched 10+ Camaros already and have reviewed the schematics and such as well as taken IDL classes on the new computer systems used in the Camaro and 2010 Equinox. You'd probably be surprised how many "experts" are really out there.

No disrespect to anyone , but lets try to keep this informative and helpful. Shooting from the hip is getting old.
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