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Reason why this intake out performs the rest:

Here's a small list of reasons why the ADM Performance Cold Air Intake systems have benefits over other manufacturer designs. We've made this available to aid those not sure about which intake system to buy and we hope this helps make the buying decision a little easier. At ADM Performance, we aim to please every style customer, from the basic bolt on to those looking for extreme power.

ADM Performance Cold Air Intake Benefits

Benefit #1
Our cold air intake systems feature Powder Coated finishes on all exposed aluminum parts.

Benefit #2 Our cold air intake systems use lightweight aluminum parts and pieces, with aircraft quality stainless screws and fasteners.

Benefit #3 Our proprietary design means that the MAF/IAT sensor is relocated into the airbox itself, out of the engine bay and away from the hot air environment. This permits the ECM to read cooler temps which translates into increased timing and more power without triggering any knock retard. Increased timing means more horsepower.

Benefit #4 Our proprietary design means the airbox location permits cooler air to be ingested from the factory scoop - not from the hot engine bay area.

Benefit #5 Our design has more flexability than many others, allowing future upgrades to turbos, superchargers, etc. to utilize the ADM Performance Cold Air Intake systems. This means that no money is wasted as your performance needs change,

Benefit #6 Should you choose to remove our cold air intake system from your vehicle in the future, most of the parts can be utilized for other applications. The ADM filter is a 4 universal type not specific to this intake only. The ADM silicone couplers can be used on other custom applications as well, and the exclusive 6061 100mm MAF housing is also universal in it's design.

Benefit#7 Our cold air intake systems use a Full 4 100mm ID system from the filter to the throttlebody.

Benefit #8 The availibity for a ADM Highflow Race Air Intake System which enhances the factory ducting system to trap and direct cold air directly into the sealed air box, and the less aggressive ADM Street Air Intake System for the everyday bolt-on driver.

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