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Originally Posted by jeremywes View Post
those are bad a$$. Nice choice. Curious if you compared them in weight to the OEM rears.
Originally Posted by The Stig View Post

I'd be interested to see if they were able to keep them at OEM weight - ideally less, but going from 4 to 6 pot adds a bit of weight lol
Originally Posted by Mgizzle View Post
Hey Nathan, can u please weigh one rear rotor and the rear caliper without pads? Please. Would love to see fronts too.
Guys I will just extremely busy at this stage but give me some time.

Originally Posted by 2SSRS View Post
I heard this a 100 times hope it for real this time.
Offer I'm referring to some other stuff, not the intake........ call me and I will give you more details

Quick update:

Note: the arrow pointing to the hole were the rivet will go doesn't have anything to grab to.

Name:  1a.jpg
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The concave channel is were the battery cable use to run through. If we left it like this, it would look unfinished. So the domino effect starts begin!!!

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I figure we might as well cut the whole channel out and make it symmetrical like the other side.

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Made a template.....

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welded the new filler plate .....

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Heck, why not get rid of the seam while we are at it

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More welding

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And skim coat. still need a little more work. Did I say I HATE body work!!!

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What the hell, we might as well do all the spot welds while we at it.....

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I though I had taken more progress picture of were we left off but I guess we got caught up in the moment. So stay tune for more.

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