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Originally Posted by Nutbutt View Post
I have the llt solo setup but I did an IPF SC at the same time so I can't tell you if there was a difference. I can tell you going solo front to back with high flo cats made the install a breeze ! A significant savings in weight also. The guys at solo are really helpful.
I have a friend with the magnaflow and he does have a slight drone. He is installing custom j pipes soon. His wife drove in mine and told him to fix the drone.
I do have to say the magnaflow is a great sounding system also !
I haven't sensed a drone, maybe minor but at the same time I can't compare it to the SOLO J pipes to see what a truly drone-less exhaust sounds like. Does he also have the high flo cats?

I had a Magnaflow exhaust on my recently (well Dec, lol) totaled truck for 3 years and loved it, so I'm probably used to the Magnaflow drone haha.
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