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Originally Posted by t&t moyer View Post
I too looked at the $1k price tag and thought damn that's spendy. For now I have the sway to install when I get stateside and considering cradle bushings but damn the price for bushings, I just can't get over it. I suppose it comes down to how much more I want to improve things and the end result of what I'm expecting from the 1LE.

Can I live with the 1LE as it is or will be once I get things sorted when home? Maybe but time will tell. The mods never seem to end....... :(
Yeah, a few years ago I bought a full polly set of bushings for my TC cobalt AND engine mounts and paid LESS than $500 shipped to my door. That ALSO included having the engine mounts powdercoated to match my SW color scheme.

This is supposed to be a package "deal"?. Their profit margin on this has to be incredibly high....why try and take people for a ride? Doesnt make sense to me. I guess because people are willing to pay for it but I'd be willing to be a whole lot more people would JUMP on this if the price was far more reasonable. I'd be first in line.
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