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I wasn't UN Happy with the Trifecta tune...but then againt I can't say I was ever completely satisfied with it either. Now that I'm on the stock tune again and have been months I can honestly say I have no desire to have the tune back. I even sold my cable. Car runs just as crisp and strong as it ever has.

I'm not saying Trifecta absolutely has ZERO gains. Obviously there are dynos out there showing it made power. Stock and modded. There are also dynos (one or two) showing a loss versus stock, and others who say the same as me...feel no difference.

I will go so far as to say... even though there are not as many IPF dynos floating around, they have consistently showed better gains than Trifecta. I'd love to give the IPF tune a go, and I hope to sometime soon (soon means...could be a long time from now lol)...but I have so many other goals, and things I want to do that its putting a tune a bit further down on the list.
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