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Originally Posted by charlietuna View Post
updates ?????
holy crap I just realized I won car of the week, that feels awesome

Well the major update is that the car shipped and is on its way to Dubai, I should have it within two weeks time, and I cant wait!

I hope Mike doesn't kill me for posting this vid, its just a teaser I guess nothing interesting happening since the car isn't registered and the clutch was still slipping.

Anyways, it put down 928rwhp on straight pump gas with very little miles on the engine and a base map kind of tune, which was limited due to a slipping clutch. Clutch is a Hendrix Engineering RPS triple carbon and needs about 300miles before it beds in (according to Hendrix engineering). So ill have to drive the car for a day or two when I get it, and break in the engine a little more while im at it. I think it will EASILY without even pushing it do 950rwhp on 93 octane, and 1000+ rwhp on 93 + meth.

Im still doing a few weight saving mods, traction mods and so on.

Here is a picture of the hood (unpainted) and still not aligned to the ZL1 fascia, another thing im doing here as soon as I receive the car.

Nice switch that overrides the factory exhaust butterfly controller, with this I have a full open or full closed mode, something I really needed.

Mike cruising the car on the dyno during engine break-in, this way in May 2012.

and the boring video I promised lol, note how smooth the cam is.

1150bhp Whipple 4.0 Supercharged 427ci Camaro ZL1

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