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Originally Posted by nbrigdan View Post
RacingBrake has good quality from what I've heard, I believe some people on this forum have had good experience with them. (Rotors)
Originally Posted by SPCBA View Post
there is advantages in rotors that can dump
heat and are designed to take abuse and run cooler than other rotors.

racingbrake is the top of line stuff. gurantee my brakes run cooler than other leading brands. the veins and directional heat dissipation is a big reason racing brake 2 piece rotors run cooler and are now on their 10th track day with them.
Originally Posted by CHMSC View Post
X 1,000 racing brake rotors will be my next purchase. I didn't think rotors could make a huge difference till I rode in a car with them on a road course. These rotors matched with their brake pads are freaking rock stars!!!!
RacingBrake rotors are amazing. If you need "the best", then they are what you want to be looking at. But honestly, they are overkill for most people.
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