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Originally Posted by nbrigdan View Post
What do I need to turn a '11 SS Conv. into a canyon carver?
First off, more balls than me.
Unless you autocross the car it's got more handling than you'll ever throw at it. I traded my coupe on my vert, picked it up in vancouver and took the Fraser Canyon home. I scared the crap out of my self and the car didn't budge. Lost an STI too who didn't have the balls to keep up with me.
I frequently take a drive on a very windy, very pretty, no traffic road. The cars stinks like rubber clutch and brake when I get it home. Don't feel the need to upgrade as it handles every thing I want to throw at it.
I've done bushings and drop springs, for the look and to stop wheel hop. Didn't notice any improvement in max capabilities. Some guys put in upgraded sway bars, makes the car corner flatter but I bet they still don't push any of the all out gains. Unless they are tracking it.
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