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Originally Posted by RestoRoc89 View Post
Hi all,

I seem to have dropped the ball on that 'detailed comparison' that I promised. It turns out that buying a brand new GM car right in the midst of a model year changeover is more than a little bit tricky. Even the deal on that IOM Corvette that I posted earlier fell through. Nonetheless, I persisted and scored this black 2011 Corvette for $19,500 off of MSRP and my insurance payout on the 2010 Camaro very nearly covered the entire bill.

As far as comparisons go, the 2SS/RS was a meat cleaver to the Corvette's surgical scalpel. The Corvette is lighter, faster, more nimble and it really shows. I vastly prefer the ergonomics, visibility and cargo space in the hatch as well. Don't be misled though--both cars are/were magical in their own right. Since the C6 is a much older design, the interior fit & finish as well as the tech integration are seriously lacking in comparison to the Camaro. It's entirely focused on the driving experience and nothing more.

Since I didn't even have time to finish any of the modifications I had planned for the Camaro, I wasted no time on the Corvette. It has a full Pfadt suspension, Pfadt headers, Corsa exhaust, MGW shifter, bright white LED lighting, a Paxton centrifugal blower and a Z06 wide body conversion is currently in the works. As with the Camaro, the Corvette has excellent aftermarket support and the LS3 responds very well to mods. I truly feel like I made the best of an unfortunate situation.

BUT...I'm looking back at this forum now because I realized this week that I still miss my Camaro. Very much. The first place I went: the classifieds section. My Corvette isn't going anywhere (at least until the hi-performance C7 model comes out), but I'm thinking that my current 2012 VW Golf daily driver ought to magically disappear and return as a 5th gen Camaro. So the hunt begins.
Wait, I'm confused.....until this post the last time stamp was in 2011....people are congratulating you for being OK from a wreck two years ago and getting a Vette as a replacement.....what has happened to resurrect this thread now.
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