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I tried the dash kit from CarID too. I installed everything and wasn't really happy with the look. Then after a couple of days 4 pieces fell off, a couple of days later 3 more pieces fell off. I contacted CarID and you are right, they were a-holes to deal with. The guy accused me of not putting the pieces on correctly, WTF you just stick them on, how could I not put them on right? I sent him pics of the pieces that fell off but he wouldn't do anything until I threatened to complain to eBay. Then he would only give me 50% to return them, what a f'in joke.

The only other mod I regret was the static cling tail light black outs. I tried probably 6 or more times to get these stuipid things to stay attached. I tried heating them after I put them on in an attempt to get them to stick. I tore them off and threw them in the garbage when I came out of a restaurant and one of them was laying on the rear bumper. DON'T BUY THEM, WASTE OF MONEY!!

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