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Originally Posted by Zeus95 View Post
Ya she (Becky) can really drive that ZL1 !! Watch out!

Originally Posted by Mr. Wyndham View Post
Don't need to look too hard, my dear...I'll be there waiting for you.

Originally Posted by ssmike View Post
Just made an appointment to get Pedderized Thursday! Watch out BeckyD, Mr. Wyndham, RubyCamaro because Big Red is comin' and ready to throw down!!!

Originally Posted by FireCracker View Post
Goal finally set for Fest: Find someone to give me a ride in their ZL1

Just ....
Hang On...

Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
We will be driving over from Columbus on Thursday morning. We will be setting up the IPS Motorsports booth on Thursday and we plan to be at the pizza party on Thursday evening.

I'm so psyched!

Me too!!!!

WHEN: Thursday, August 1st at 7:00p

WHERE: Wyndham Indianapolis West, Golden Ballroom (see map below)

**Use the Main Convention Entrance, the Golden Ballroom is across from where the information table is and shirts are being sold**

WHAT: The Camaro5 Fest Meet'n Greet is a staple of our festivities for the weekend. As everyone arrives after a long day's drive from....well, everywhere!!! What better way to start the show than a relaxed, pizza-filled atmosphere of friends and fun.

This is the first of a series of "host hotel parking lot parties", and sets the tone for the weekend. Pizza, provided by Rodgers Chevrolet, will be available and the hotel's bar will be open to buy drinks (both alcoholic and non-).

Come join us for a stress-free, giant "hello" to start the Fest off. You can find the moderators, sponsors, vendors, and maybe even some Chevrolet employees joining in on the fun throughout the night.

See you there!!

Sponsored by:

Don't forget, I honor ALL DISCOUNTS THAT APPLY!
Available Inventory -James-Martin Chevrolet
BeckyD - I Deliver Nationwide!

..only 20 min from Detroit Metro Airport!

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