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Seeking 9s on M6...
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Patrick G Tune

I made it to Victory for tuning, unfortunately my water pump failed yet again...that's another story. I did find out Ligenfelter sells a GM water pump w/10 rib pulley for $650...well worth it!

Anyway, had to revert back to stock throttle body...turns out I need an additional piece from Whipple before the TPiS will function correctly. So potentially still some power left on the table.

2 dyno sheets from Mustang Dyno. One w/straight 93 octane and the other has 50/50 93 & Shell URT 105. (I can't wait until I can get URT Advanced again...)

Unfortunately car is out of commission once again due to water pump.

I'm expecting another bump with the TPiS properly installed. Also I need to get my super chiller installed...that will help as well. I'm getting lots of mixed reviews, but a few I know that have it, love IATs are outrageous, so hoping it works some magic for me. Then I'll re-dyno at my local shop to get a true comparison of improvements.

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