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Most of my mods to a point came from RPI Designs and it's a 50/50.

The front and back body colored bowties were great and almost a year later still look good.

But the plastic stick on side marker blackout kit looked so much like crap that instantly after I installed them I ripped them off and cleaned the rest of the adhesive off. They just didn't fit at all and you could see red or yellow, depending, plastic around the edge. I painted my side markers after that myself.

The back up light covers that came with them were big enough to cover so I kept them.

Then there was the "CAMARO"s for the side painted body color. They came in with chrome still showing and bubbles in the paint. I thought about just repainting them myself, but then why did I pay RPI $70. So wrote them a letter, they never responded.

I definitely regret where I got my windows tinted at. When I get a little spare change I'm going to take them to this other place and show them and ask them if they can do better.

May be a regret thread, but I have zero regrets about the Rotofab CAI or the American Racing Headers, but I especially like my Fuzzy Dice.
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