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Originally Posted by Jspetree View Post
So a lot of members on here are college age kids, myself one of them, so i thought it would be cool to get a thread going for all of us to post what colleges we are going off to, or are currently at! Maybe a couple of us might be going to the same college! It would be cool to meet up with some other camaro5 members at the same college! Im personally going to University of Arkansas, Fayetteville! Chime in!!
You're on the wrong side of the state!

I'm going to Arkansas State in Jonesboro... I'm in Fayeteville at least once a semester

Originally Posted by Linker239 View Post
Arkansas State University, Jonesboro. Senior. The camaro goes with me everywhere, hard work does pay off.
You know... we really need to meet up one of these days lol
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