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Originally Posted by PalmerGA View Post
Judging by the photos... looks like OP doesn't pay much attention to detail regarding his vehicle in general. I regularly look at my tires for signs of irregular wear and, if I see/feel a problem I address the issue right away. It's my responsibility as a driver and vehicle owner.

Suck it up. Get some new tires. Get your alignment, camber, toe-in, etc. checked by a good tire shop, and pay attention to your vehicle's condition. Tire, especially, can cause serious safety issues.

Agree totally...with tire wear that bad it would be easy to spot 10 feet away long before tires were rotated,unless one is totally oblivious.

That kind of wear took many thousands of miles to occur and if not the car probably wouldn't have steered straight at all.
2011 Black on Black 2SS M6
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