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Originally Posted by GAHDOOSH View Post
Does it look cool? Yes
Can I beat your ass into the ground with it? Yes
People have keeping bats in their cars for this reason for as long as there have been trunks.....
It's debatable whether or not it looks cool, but it's your ride.

You could attempt to beat my ass (or anyone else's ass for that matter) into the ground with it, but as people have said on here you could be bringing a Bat to a gun fight, and I guarantee you that a Smith and Wesson beats a Louisville slugger any day of the week.

I can see it altercation ensues between you and someone else, it escalates, and you proceed to your trunk to retrieve your bat.....the other party, seeing you retrieving what could be a weapon draws their handgun from a concealed're then seconds away from imminent death because any threatening move you make at this point is grounds for use of deadly force for the other guy to defend himself.

If you want to have a bat if your trunk mounted like it's a rare elephant gun hanging on a wall in your study for others to admire that's your business ( I don't get it, but that doesn't matter), but the first time you take it out as a weapon could be your last in this day and age.
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