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If anyone has any kind of questions, please ask on here or pm me. The turbo kit will include all top quality parts with all the best hardware.

-Dual ball bearing Garrett turbo good for over 750hp (T04Z or "GT37R")
-Polished turbo housing that is easily visible when you pop the hood
-T4 flanged so turbo upgrades will be simple (Up to 1200+)
-Tial 44mm wastegate with .4 bar spring (5 to 6 psi depending on exhaust)
-Tial 50mm Blow Off Valve
-Stainless steel hot pipes
-High quality front mount intercooler
-Polished Aluminum Charge pipes
-Pre-tuned Engine Management so the end user can upload a safe baseline map to drive around on till he wants to push it more than wastegate springs
-Colder range spark plugs
-Bolts to factory or aftermarket exhaust
-Cold air intake for the turbo
-Kits for the LS3 and L99 followed by the V6 version soon
-Affordable price (Details very soon on price)
-Full easy to follow instructions and can be installed by the average person

I have turboed hundreds of cars and can't wait to finalize this one. Its going to be a blast to drive around on the street and the track!!!
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