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Originally Posted by TBone View Post
Listen to the wise ones here Mike.

HPS is decent for Autocross but not a "Track". It just can't stand up for long periods. Especially once you start going to larger tracks.

Hawk DCT-XX are tough on rotors but good.

Carbotech is easier on rotors and good intermediate pads.

Cobalt Friction is excellent for the big dogs.

If you already have rotors, use them but watch them for cracks. Once they crack, get better ones.

All this ↑↑↑ .

HPS can probably work at a track day on a track that's easy on brakes and if the driver remains conscious of the fact that it's still a street pad.

A step up in the Hawk line would be the HP+, which are entry-level track pads with a semblance of streetability (meaning that they actually do have decent cold bite). They will make noise and they will dust like crazy just like any other track pad. Expect to outgrow these as well, as your skills improve and your speeds increase (yes, they can be faded).

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