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Originally Posted by 911medic View Post

If you look at this DIY guide for cleaning your intake valves, it describes the removal/replacement of the TB. Look at steps 4, 15, and 19 for removal, and 41 for reinstallation.

It's pretty much:
  1. Loosen hose clamp attaching intake air tube to TB, and pull tube away from TB. You can remove the tube completely, if you want to get it out of the way
  2. Slide red clip back from TB electrical connector. Remove connector by pulling out (NOTE: I had to squeeze the black clip that the red piece slides into to remove mine.)
  3. Remove 4 TB bolts with a 10mm socket
  4. Install new TB, tightening the 4 bolts to 9 ft-lb (this is for the LFX, not sure about others)
  5. Replace electrical connector and slide red locking clip back in place
  6. Reinstall air tube and tighten hose clamp
  7. Profit!

Thanks for the heads up. I will have to save up for this and install it.
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