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I'm in Mississippi because I own part of a company here and my original dealer whom I go to is in Florida. The Dealers have told me here in MS time after time that my condenser needed to be replaced because there was damage to it, but never removed the front fascia to inspect it. They said a rock went through it. 2 dealers here told me that. I took it to me dealer in FL and they said they couldn't find a hole anywhere. They used the gas sniffer to try and locate a leak but they were unable to. My Dealer really takes care of me in FL. They filled the the system back up with refrigerant and it worked fine for a few months until I decided to take a trip to Texas a few months ago. I noticed that A/C started to blow warm. When I stopped for fuel I noticed that the compressor had a squeak to it. When I stopped in Texas the clutch wasn't engaging at all. I bought refrigerant and attempted to refill it, but adding only maybe less than an 1/8 of a can I saw that the pressures were spot on. The compressor did kick back on but wouldn't pump any refrigerant. I have scheduled another appt with them for next week for them to take a look at it again. They told me that they'd take care of whatever issue I was having so (fingers crossed) hopefully it isn't the condenser. If it is, I'll be replacing that myself. Screw Dealers and over rated and over priced repairs.

I keep getting told by Dealers' service managers and even some service techs that there is a flaw in the condenser design, rather the design of the Camaro front end. It seems that where the condenser is and how the grill is designed, it allows for road debris (most notably rocks) to damage the condenser very easily. I have fought for months to bring this issue up to GM. The Camaro is not the only newer GM vehicle to experience easily damaged condensers. (FYI: DO NOT PAY $700-$900 to have the condenser replaced. MAKE WHATEVER DEALER WHO IS WORKING ON IT SHOW YOU THE DAMAGE. The condenser for the '10-'11 Camaro is a $50 part. I bought a brand new OEM replacement condenser for $48 plus shipping. Most techs are lazy and don't want to pull the front bumper to inspect the condenser properly even though it takes only 20 min to remove it.) The Equinox or Cruze I believe has the same condenser issues. However, I have also been told that there are issues with the compressors on the LS3 and up motors failing within months of new car sales. Case in point was my '05 vette. Within a few months of driving it home off the showroom floor, the compressor went out. following that was the regulator. There are a whole slew of issues with A/Cs in the Vettes and Camaros. At least it seems so from experience. I'll be happy to post a link for the condenser itself for you DIY-ers who wants to buy replace their own condensers for a fraction of the cost. That's what I'll be doing if my dealer tells me that I need a new condenser and won't cover it under warranty.

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