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Thx TZD.
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Well - unplanned mod at the fest this Friday - some upgraded 1000 hp axles to support the HP the car puts out. Who would have thought the 22's would have hooked up like they did.

A big thank you to everyone that help out and helped keep my spirits up.
Special thanks to Greg (Spike) and Clifford and KG, Emma's tools Lisa and Dan, Jannetty Racing and boys from Stingray. Didn't mean to miss anyone - all the C5'ers were great during the change out.

Thanks Rick

BTW - did anyone take a picture of the axles - broke one and new ones?
I was not in the right mind frame and missed doing that. :(
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In many cases this isn't even keeping up with the Jones's, this is Jonesing and just plain KEEPING UP!!!
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