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dznfn. you got a good deal. there is a 2LT vert, 2013 up here in KC area at 34,300 marked down, which is below invoice. it does not have the rs package. i really dont need the rs, and again, summer only tires is all you can get. i asked the dealer about switching out to all season, they balk. i dont want to spend 34K for a car, then have to go out and spend anothe 1000 bucks in Novemember so i can drive the car. that is why, this and another vert the dealer has are both 19 inch wheels. i dont know. my car will be a daily driver. i get ssnow here. and i keep my cars a long time. i still have my 98 firebird, i bought new and it looks showroom new with 171k miles. i will test drive both cars, coupe and vert. my budget allows for a 1lt vert if i order 2014, or a 2lt coupe if i order. if i get a 2013, with 1500 rebate and my gm card earnings , i can get into a 2lt vert. the ss is nice, but, i am 55, aint gonna drag race it, and cant see the purpose of 400 hp where a person cant use it all anyway. the speed limit is still 70 whether its a 4 cyliner or a 8. the v6 mileage appeals to me, along with 320 hp is plenty for this old man. if the SS got 30 mpg, and came with all season tires, then it would be a stretch to get into a 1SS coupe at best. my ins. company ironically does not have a problem with either. but, will look at the vert and coupe close with test drive.
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