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Originally Posted by assasinator View Post
look. you dont get it. i wanted a 427 camaro. i dont care what it is called.

this handling thing being the focus for a MUSCLECAR is all new. sure the 3rd and 4th gen handled world class for their time, but the focus for prospective owners was never taking it to a road course few would EVER see.

give it a cadillac ride and smoothness, backed with 427 cubic inches.

ford is hadly making any response to the z28. they dont care. never have.

You are definitely in the wrong part of the forum.

The first year of Camaro introduced the Z/28 a road course car not a muscle car. Ford introduced their Boss after that and then Dodge the Challenger. All were factory backed road course cars.

Doing my best Obi Wan "this is not the 427 you're looking for". You want the LSX.
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