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Okay, so back from the alignment shop and my second impression is very good. The alignment has absolutely change the car (off course). I think the front ends feels about 25% tighter than before, turns in a lot quicker and the damping does feel compliant but it gets stiffer at speeds were has the stock got softer it seems.

I got onto 180 degrees highway ramp at about 55 mph and the front was not even close to understeer but it was too much for the Stability control, it put the front brakes to slow down the car. Something that didn't happen before. I've put it in Comp mode to avoid the intrusion of the system since I think it's now way to secure for the 1LE setup on the 2010 SS. I guess they've changed the configuration of the ECM on the 2013 1LE since no one made that remark before.

I got a relatively ''Aggressive'' alignment for Street & Track.
I've used the FE6 setup but double de front negative camber only.
Front Camber: -1.66
Front Toe Total: -0.2
Rear Camber: -0.78
Rear Toe Total : -0.2


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