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Originally Posted by BluePhoenix View Post
Think it's all about what interests the person buying it the most. We can say you can have a 1LE at that price, but truth be told certain things about a specific car gets a person's interests more than just the fact that the car is a Camaro SS. Think when all of us look to buy a Camaro we are looking for certain features that we prefer on the car, and the Dusk edition is no different. I'm not a fan if the Mojave interior at all but I'm sure a lot of people love it more than any other color Camaro interior. Same goes for the wheels and appearance package. Then you have to factor in that the car isn't your everyday Camaro SS because of those things and the fact that the package can only be had on a very limited number of 2013's. This really goes for all 2010-2013 (and maybe at some point 2014) special edition Camaro's.
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