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Originally Posted by assasinator View Post
look i was there. i remember... and I know numbers matching Z28's. i know exactly what they are meant for. i also know the name was used and a 350 was put in them later. (why, i have no idea).

this is a fauxe Z28. you wanna talk historical. ok, let's...

z28 should be LIGHT, have a 5 liter engine with 400hp. no frills, no nav, no 427, no irs, none of this stuff the fauxe Z28 is gonna hve.

chevrolet built a 427 hammer to bludgeon a 5 liter BOSS. just, there is no boss anymore.

call it a 427 camaro, and call it quits.the new car is NOT a the original iteration.

You do realize the 302 came about because of a displacement cap, not because it was the ultimate racing engine, right? The displacement cap moved up, which is why the 70's went to a 350.

you bring up the original intent, not me. the 69 427 camaros were epic.

so, if i have a different opinion that is not lock step , you have a problem? ive been on C5 long enough to remember all of the fanboishness when the SS was introduced.

i have a right to display disappointment in being left out. i wanted a DAG-blamed 427 factory camaro i can never get. yes im on the right forum to post an opinion about the 2014 Z28. all of my posts are relevant just not ones you personally like.
You said the Camaro was a muscle car that never was intended to handle and I disagreed.
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