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Originally Posted by assasinator View Post
...i have a right to display disappointment in being left out. i wanted a DAG-blamed 427 factory camaro i can never get. yes im on the right forum to post an opinion about the 2014 Z28. all of my posts are relevant just not ones you personally like.
I don't understand why you're all bent out of shape and think you're a victim and acting like somehow you've been screwed over by GM. I'm guessing probably every Camaro owner on this thread has modified their car which is something pretty much every Camaro owner does. Guys add power in various ways including engine swaps all the time. It's no big deal. Since you already said you don't care what it's called, meaning the badge on the side is not an issue, why don't you just stop complaining and buy a 1SS or 2SS and get a 427 put in it?

There HAS to be good speed shops in Alabama that can do the swap. You could get all that done and still be under $50k which is the price point you said you wished the Z/28 was going to be at. Then you'd have your custom 427 Camaro.

You aren't being "left out" of the Z/28 experience because it wasn't and isn't intended to be what you want which is just a large displacement straight-line street car. The ZL1 is more like what you want but even then it's forced induction rather than a large cubic inch naturally aspirated engine. And it costs more than swapping a 427 into a 1 or 2SS.

Stop complaining and pretending that everybody has gotten exactly the Camaro they want from the factory; it's not that kind of car. It's a starting point for customization which is what EVERYBODY pretty much does with it. Change your attitude/view of it, get a car, modify it the way you want like everybody else does and join the fun. You're missing out on a great car experience and there's absolutely no good reason for it.

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