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Originally Posted by Orange Crush 1LE View Post
That's a great deal. The best aftermarket stuff is extremely pricey. I'm looking at upgrading beyond the stock 1LE using just a few Pedders components.

Just a minor upgrade to take the 1LE package a step further is the Pedders 1LE Permagrin Package. $1,000 for just a rear sway bar and 6 bushings. So $1,500 for a full 1LE track pack is amazing bang for your buck.

Another option would be to get everything that's in the GM package, less the rear sway bar and the Permagrin-included bushings, then buy the Pedders Permagrin. The Permagrin package will take the last bit of understeer out of the car at it's limits (bigger rear sway reduces understeer). That will cost a little more, but the handling will be out of this world good if you are a serious road courser. But if not, the 1LE package alone is phenominal.
I need more track time to confirm this but: my initial feeling is that I need more rear rubbers with the 1LE, I'm dealing with snap oversteer now. might have been because of cold tires... still the back is not following the front like it did. I'm running 4 x 275/40R20 Nitto NT05.

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