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Fest 4 Update

Had an amazing time down at fest! It was great finally putting some faces to names and meeting a lot of new people! On my way down to Indy my camarovan stopped at RDP in Perry, Oh and I was able to get 3 free dyno pulls. Their shop is amazing and they have so many crazy builds in there. I was a little disappointed with the dyno results but it is ok cause later that week I found out just how fast my car can be . My best dyno pull was 249.3rwhp. They didn't do torque but rather AFR. Below is the dyno sheet:

Next when finally down in Indy the first thing I did Friday morning was get my Hex Vents installed!!! There were a couple of cars in front of me so I had to wait a little while but I didn't mind, had nothing else to do. Although I do feel a little bad for Ashley over at the tent. I kept forgetting I had a bunch of stuff in my car and instead of being a smart person and grabbing it all at once I kept going back to my car to get it....they prob thought I was really paranoid about my car but I promise that wasn't the case lol I just don't have great common sense! . The vents came out awesome and they look killer with my stripes! One thing I really love is I left the splash pans off and you can see through the vents and look at my powder coated intake manifold and all that jazz and I think it looks awesome!

Once my vents were finally installed I figured it was time to hit the 1/4mile! Not going to lie I was a little scared doing some passes because usually at the track near my I have terrible traction issues and ever since I installed my headers they were a little have been a little worse. I did but the pfadt trailing arm package but never had time to install it before fest. So I figure I would also have terrible traction down at Indy and boy was I wrong! That track was prepped amazing! I had zero traction issues and I was able to set a personal best of 13.980@99.55 in some terrible DA (right around 2000 or so), can't wait to see what this thing does in cooler weather! Of course here is the time slip:

Next came Sunday which was just a great day! I'm new to the whole drag racing thing and figured at fest it would be a great time to try bracket racing (which I ended up missing) and class racing. I had a great time just putting my car down the 1/4mile and the class racing was def an awesome experience. On Sunday I didn't run my greatest times but I must say my reaction time was on fire! My best reaction time during fest was.....wait for it........... 0.009!

As others have mentioned I managed to win the v6 class during the class racing. Congratz to Ruby coming in second! It was a lot of fun! The trophy is really cool, and surprisingly heavy! Here is a pic of me accepting my award from ARH:

And an attempt at an up close pic of it, not gonna lie it was a little hard to take a pic since it is made out of glass and reflects:

It is pretty cool though that my hard work is paying off and people are noticing!

Overall fest was awesome! Even though there were 100s of Camaros there every single one was different which I think it amazing! Did get some ideas though, which my be a little bad for my wallet haha!

Almost forgot! Here are a couple of vids other took of my during the 1/4mile. (hope these get embedded)

*special thanks to Mike (ssMike), Mike (rt600catman) for some of the pictures and Jon (wolco13) for the pictures and videos, for a video.

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