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Originally Posted by jrpxxii View Post
Thanks for your insight but I already stated I knew the cause. Surely your not implying I actually thought a new block would fix this issue? I'm only talking about the new block because it will be much lighter. The timing wasn't that far off as yes it allowed the heads to lift but it didn't eat plugs and throw shit everywhere. Intake temps went up and it didnt pull enough timing fast enough. Again, this is not a street car that is tuned to run pump gas and be a daily driver. It's a full out race motor that only runs c16 race fuel so fuel is not an issue. We r still learning the Holley dominator software. If u ever go to the race track people blow shit up everyday. That's just part of this sport when your pushing the limits. Ill get my new motor installed and be safe on timing and back in the power from there. Most people would freak out over this but I fully expect to be breaking stuff trying to push the envelope.
So this sounds more like the tune/r was a contributor.

Yes, I have seen lots of other people breaking on the track since the 1980s. I have even personally made my own scrap.

As for the RHS, you probably already know of the proprietary ancillary components since it sounds like you are already looking into it. I am enjoying mine.

good luck with what ever you decide. hope everything works out with your track car.
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