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Originally Posted by Pro Stock John View Post
Sorry to read about this setback.

Respectfully if the car got hurt on the dyno you might want to get someone like Patrick Barnhill involved in your tune.

And again respectfully, we are running the same LSX block, same pistons, in my friend's 315 Drag Radial car, for now either 3 or 4 years. The engine was built by LME and they are the best in the business. But we are careful with the tune, never take chances... Car goes 7.25@202. For me this goes back to tuning. We've been super careful as of late as we are just about about of fuel with this current setup FWIW.

There's a lot that goes into tuning tables, like what happens with timing advance and AF as your inlet air temps go up.

RHS blocks look interesting though some folks would like the water passages in the deck to be smaller.

Best of luck, hope to see your car crack off some killer runs this year.
John the car was perfect on the dyno all the way thru an entire run. The problem was the heat that day at the track was hotter than when it was tuned and it wasn't until the 1000' mark that temps got high and it didn't pull enough timing fast enough. It was definitely a tune issue but we thought it was safe enough as we were only running 19 degrees but apparently it wasn't safe enough.
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