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I ended up with the new style SLP TVS2300. They offered a 3 year 36K powertrain warranty with the blower drop on only. I was tossing between the whipple and TVS. Kinda wish i went whipple cause its a bigger supercharger but i got the cheaper one and had the warranty.

In the end my LS3 with the SLP TVS2300 drop on only (no headers, no cai ect) supercharger only with canned SLP tune, made 502 RWHP.

So with the drop on Whipple only i would imagine you would be right at that 550RWhp mark, esspecially with a custom tune, Add headers CAI and fuel work and youll be over 600rwhp.

My goals are to pay off what i have, then add JRE Cam, headers, CAI, bigger injectors, smaller pulley, custom tune and should be in the ballpark of 675RHWP
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