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Originally Posted by jrpxxii View Post
No problem but just want everyone to know I fully support Cincy Speed. As Jamie said, most people have no idea what all has been done to the car as it was basically stripped down to the bare body and rebuilt part by part. This was not a simple thrown together build. People have no idea what all is involved in builds like these to actually make them work. Anyone can make over 1000hp but its extremely difficult to make it all work at the track. Look at Darth Emma's car for another example, ran 8.47 and next time out she broke axles and transmission. I'm putting 30 lbs of boost through my motor too which is going to cause problems eventually no matter what and its just being prepared this will happen. Once I get my motor back in car it's ready to come off the trailer and start ripping it.
Hey Jason! Sorry to hear about your dilemmas... I admire you for hanging in there and continue to spend and chase your dream. As you know, it's not just about increasing rwhp. That in itself produces bigger headaches. And then, we have to find ways of applying it all to the ground.

Continued good luck and patience!
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