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Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
Jason, I spoke with/met a friend of yours today... Dave... We were discussing intakes... I like what I saw... Big time... Don't know with these bigger turbos if ill need that much but wow... Nice toys...
Thanks. I spoke with the owner of BES who is doing my motor today and found out a lot. The timing is what caused it but it was only a tenth of a second that did all the damage. All gaskets were perfect and internally it cracked every piston and cracked the walls of the block along with a couple bent connecting rods so there was ALOT of pressure internally. The odd thing is that NOTHING was burnt or heated, which in turn tells us it was literally a split second that the heads lifted and destroyed everything that quickly. Thankfully I didn't stay in it any longer or it would have been pure carnage. Now on to the next interesting find is that this motor was torqueing so hard under power that the crank was flexing a lot as the cog belt was trying to pull the crank out of the motor, thus causing the belt breaking issue and possibly whipping the belt and crank and throwing the timing out as well.

Now the positive out of all of this. I am getting a new RHS aluminum block and all new pistons and rods to get even more power from motor alone. The next HUGE improvement is there is no longer a cog drive, it is now converted over to a gear drive setup which will give more power and tons more reliability as there is zero strain on the motor compared to a cog belt as the blower is now driven directly off the front of the crank. I am moving forward as fast as possible with all of this but I am super excited to get this new setup as I kick myself now for not looking into this originally. I will now be able to push all the blower and all the nitrous without the worry of a cog setup as the gear drive is 100% efficient.
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