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Originally Posted by BLACK10 View Post
There Are ways of tuning for meth safely.

Tons of people use it everyday with zero issues.

My ALKY Control Meth system's been working great since day 1 with my Maggie, 3.6, OD Cogs, Kooks LTs, ID8500s, ZL1 Pump with ADM FPCM, CAI Inc system, JRE Tensioner and a few other odds & ends, converted my windshield wiper bottle to hold 100% Meth,....but I'm only putting down a little over 700 RWHP........There's plenty of tuners that have no issues with using Meth safely, ECS, CMS & Lethal all have had great success using the ALKY kit, lowers my IATs by as much as 70% some days, colder air in means more power, plus it keeps the internals clean as hell.

Disclaimer: I am by no means a tuner, just stating my success running the ALKY system.
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