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1026rwhp/861rwtq at 22#

Block: Stock LS3 Block 377 (stock stroke, 0.005 overbore)
Rods: Callies Compstar 6.125
Pistons: Wiseco -11cc dish
Heads: PRC LS3 260 heads (2.185 hollow intake, 1.6 stainless exhaust, 65cc chambers) 10:1CR with LS9 Gaskets and ARP studs
Cam: 610/575 235/260 @050, 115+6 LSA speced by Martin at Tick Performance
Timing Chain: C5R
LS2 dampener
Melling 10296 with blue spring

Power adder
Vortech Ysi cog driven (77T Procharger crank pulley I adapted and 27T blower pulley)
BV57 Blowoff valve (LOUD)
Ported LS3 Intake
Ported LS2 TB

Fuel sytem
Squash Fuel pumps 400LPH (stock feed line to -8 then split to -6 just before rails. -6 return line)
Holley EFI rails

XSPower 2" headers, no cats, with 3" exhaust

Tuned by Dave Steck (DSX Tuning) MAF, not speed density.
Alky control trunk mount kit with dual M10 nozzles. MAF referenced.
Engine and rear built by a guy no one on here has ever heard of and installed by me in my garage.

Edited to add: I just read on yellowbullet, someone made 1388hp with a Ysi... they are only rated at 1200hp by vortech...
At the end of this thread:

I'm having trouble getting the video to embed...
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