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........And this is what all of us Camaro owners know in our hearts: this is way more than 'just a car'

This story both warmed my heart, and broke my heart.

I am so glad for Tim, that his son got the experience of a lifetime; both meeting 'Bumblebee', and winning 'Bumblebee'.

Tim, I hope and pray hard that they will find out what is wrong with you, and that God will put his hands on you and restore you to full health, so that you may live a very long life with your family.

God bless all of you.

This magical Camaro has brought me, and all of you, so much joy and life experiences like this that others will never know; much less even imagine.

OP, thank you for sharing this heartwarming story, and starting my day off with a smile, and a tear.

God bless them, and thank you, to our brave military heroes, who are out there making their sacrifice to keep us safe.

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