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My Day in Buckley

First off I want to Thank Envy and Dragonlady one more time for putting on such a fantastic meet for such a worthy cause. As a former military member it warms my heart to know there are places like the Fisher House that families can stay at while their loved ones are recuperating in the hospital. For those of you that don't know what Fisher House is...It's like the Ronald McDonald House for kids.

So about my day.

The wife and I left our house on the coast a little late last Saturday morning. I wanted to be on the road by 0730 because I knew it was a long drive and there would be traffic. OH the TRAFFIC! The meet was scheduled from 11 - 3. We arrived about 11:40.
As soon as we pulled into the parking area. Maggie (aka Dragonlady) came over thanking us for making the drive up while she had a little boy in tow. She explained she had someone who wanted to meet Bumblebee. I said okay.
So I start doing the normal stuff as I always do when I go to a car show. Opening the hood, getting the canopy and chairs out of the back of the car, Setting my bumblebee transfromer in front of the car. Then I reached in from the center console and grabbed a stack of little bumblebee cards I made up (with the help of GeekFreekScotty) and handed the child one. I had the bumblebee helmet in the back seat and set it on the console so it would look like thats where Bumblebees's head was normally. My wife said, " Wouldn't it be better if we set the helmet up here, on top of the radiator?" I said "Sure". So she grabs the helmet and sets it in front. The little boy just went nuts when he saw it. I remember his dad saying, "Now don't touch anything." I immediately grabbed the helmet and asked him if he would like to put on the helmet. Being a bit shy, he just nodded his head. Thanks Gary for the picture!!!Perfect timing. So I then, go about cleaning all the bugs guts off the car making 'Bee presentable to be shown in public. It was then (I'm a little slow at times), that I realized this young man is really liking my car. He wouldn't go away, not that I wanted him too. I love it when the kids react this way. So once I get the car cleaned up, the wife and I had to go take a walk to grab some cash for the raffle. But before we did I stopped by the raffle tent to see what was donated. My wife says that would be good for the kids for Christmas and points to a number of different items. One being the Bumblebee car. She's always thinking ahead, and shops all year long for Christmas.
So we get back from the ATM that is about 2 blocks away and this little boy is still sitting with my car. (another nice picture by Envy Photography) The wife said she was hungery, so we walked over to Wally's and got a burger and ate. We then walked back to find that the raffle drawing had already started. My wife asked me if the Bumblebee car had already gone. I looked and said it had. It was then someone pointed to the little boy and his dad. This young man was just beaming after being handed the car.

Gary, Maggie and Tim,

If I would have know the situations I would have takin' more time with this young man. I know some family things are private and shouldn't be broadcast worldwide. But as God as my witness, I promise that if I get back up to Buckley next year, and Tim if your still with us, both you and your son will get a ride in Bumblebee. But, if the inevitable happens, Maggie, Please bring this young man and I'll make sure he gets his ride anyways. I feel this is the absolute least I can do.


May all of our prayers be answered that the doctors find out whats wrong with you. Your a good dad, I saw this first hand! May God Bless You and your Family and watch over you!

This is not just a car, "It's a Camaro!"


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2010 Yellow 2SS/RS with black painted Stripes...$37,000.00; Ride Tones sound system and remote...$ 40.00; Seeing the kids faces (Young and Old) light up and almost wet their pants....Priceless!!!

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